Training Information

Expanding your Potential: Prime Time OST Registry, 

Education Pathways and Incentives

Length of Training - 90 minutes

Do you work for a Palm Beach County afterschool program and are you curious about furthering your training and education in the youth development field? Do you want to learn more about scholarships and incentives to continue your educational development and grow your career in the out-of-school time field?


This session will walk you through the educational pathways available through Palm Beach State College (PBSC) and the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) where you can receive certificates, credentials, and degrees that are specific to afterschool and youth development. Additionally, Prime Time’s scholarship and ACHIEVE Out-of-School Time Incentive Award programs will be reviewed to highlight supports available to out-of-school time practitioners.


*Only staff who are employed by a Palm Beach County afterschool program may attend this training.


Training Objectives:

Participants will:

  1. Describe the Prime Time Out-of-School Time Registry and its benefits.
  2. Explain the opportunities available through Prime Time to gain youth development training and education.
  3. Identify the financial incentives available through Prime Time’s training and incentives programs.

Core Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies Addressed (CKSCs):


Professional Development and Leadership

Identify - B. Values ongoing self-reflection, self-assessment, and problem-solving strategies to promote professional growth.

Apply - D. Engages in continuous, collaborative professional development for the benefit of self and others.


Primary QIS Scales Addressed:

Organizational Logistics

VII-H. Staff education and field specific training meet county standards.

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This is a requirement to register for the training. 
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